This is a very educational series of several cases where these particular patients are not doing the right thing. When you start getting black lesions on teeth that should be self cleansing i.e. your front two teeth, then you as a parent should start asking questions or go to your nearest pharmacy and buy a drug testing kit. When I first started in pracice I would of never asked these patients if they are using drugs. I have no problem now.I had one parent get mad at me cause I told her that her daughter had over 50 cavities. She is 14 years old in braces whats the point. You are going to take out the teeth when you take off the braces. I think that is the same person that keeps on slamming me on the internet forums. I guess it is my fault that her kid has 50 cavities and then she put her child in braces?? Somebody call DHS.
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