This patient is an attractive beautician from the Oklahoma City area. She was told that she had to grind down the lower teeth in order to get the height to fix the upper front 6 teeth.I put her in a segmented orthodontic appliance for six months to intrude the lower 4 anterior incisors to make room for the new 6 veneers that we placed in 2006 that makes her look like she did in her high school annual.You don't have to be a dentist to figure this out; why would you grind down the lower teeth when they are already worn??
If you only have a hammer in your tool box that is all you can do. When you can do Orthodontics,Implants,and Ortho-Surgery the sky can be the limit. Don't settle for anything less. Double click on pictures to enlarge.There are 2 pages to this case click on 2 in the upper left hand corner to go to the next page.
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