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This case was on display at the Oklahoma Dental Convention by Tom Kelly Labs in 1986. This is my dad and he has lost vertical dimension thru excessive wear of his back teeth over time plus he likes to grind his teeth.I opened the bite by placing crowns on the back teeth and then I veneered his front anterior teeth.I like using gold in the back teeth it wears like enamel and it has a track record since the ancient egyptians 3000 years ago. No other dental restorative system can make that statement period. I found in a research article that only 20% of the new dental products that come to market actually work. That includes new crown systems as well. My dad was a two letter winner in both Baseball and Football at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT. He got drilled in the mouth one time pitching which resulted in the Root canal that you see in pict0018. He coached 26 years for our local Little League even though myself and my three brothers were only there 16 years. Great guy. He passed away in 1999. Gave alot back to the community.
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