I've only seen 4 of these cases in 33 years of doing dentistry so I thought I would put it on the web-site. It is called Invasive Cervical Resorption and it is pretty insidious and often a aggresively destructive form of external root resorption which may occur as a late complication following dental trauma.There are no obvious external signs and the condition can only be detected radiographically. This patient is a 63 year old male who got hit in the mouth with a chain 30 years ago in the oilfield.It had just started to bother him.
We went in and laid a full thickness flap and removed the invading fibrous tissue, endodontics and the use of the diode laser to sanitize the lesion and then filled the tooth with a flowable composite. Diagnosis of lesions at an early stage is highly desirable. That is why it is a good idea to have xrays of your front teeth every couple of years in addition to the common bitewings of the back teeth that show cavities. This case completed on January 19,2011.
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